The Candiani Cultural Centre, Venezia Mestre, and the Cultural Association "Matite in Viaggio" organise the 12th edition of the exhibition: "MATITE IN VIAGGIO – CARNETS, DISEGNI, PAROLE". The exhibition is aimed at enhancing and promoting the culture of travelling and the art of documenting the experience by drawings and words.

AArticle 3 of the Association's statute: 'Visiting countries and places, meeting people and communities, getting to know ancient and contemporary civilisations are the indispensable prerequisites for 'travel notebooks' to manifest the will and the dream of recognising yourself in the freedom and dignity of all people'". The exhibition is held at the “Centro Culturale Candiani” in Venice-Mestre. Exhibition opening Fri. 20 October, exhibition closing Sunday 5 November. Free entrance, Awards ceremony: Saturday 21 October, 4.00 p.m. Auditorium IV floor.


The General Section is reserved for notebooks narrating journey and travelling through drawings and words.
Naturalistic drawings of animals and/or plants are part of the General Theme.
Each Author selected by the MIV Commission shall participate with works created in complete freedom of style and technique.


In every urban system (city, town, village) there are areas (streets, squares, built spaces) in which at certain times of the day, days of the week or the year, spontaneously or traditionally, activities that have always characterised communities gather together: the "mercare", the exchange, the buying and selling of goods and merchandise, from the most useful to the most varied.
Markets are places of aggregation in which sellers, buyers, visitors, goods, display structures and the space containing them interact to create ensembles of extraordinary vitality. Markets are territories made up of people, colours, smells, sounds, traditions waiting to be recounted in drawings and words.

The ruins of ancient civilisations inspire an irresistible fascination, because they confront us with the mystery of time: they transport us to a distant past, but still speak to us through impressive testimonies of art and life. This section will collect drawings and words expressing the beauty and fascination offered by many archaeological sites all over the world.


Participation in the exhibition is free of charge and open to adult Authors of any nationality, selected among those who have submitted their application in the manner set out below. Authors may apply to participate in the General Theme (point 1) or in the two Special Sections (2A -2 B) or in the General Theme plus one Special Section (point 2A or 2B, in the application form please specify which special section you have chosen). You can not participate in more than 2 themes.


Each selected Author shall present their Carnets and/or single drawings: "Carnets, drawings words" narrating journeys made by visiting distant or nearby places, meeting people.
The drawings must be submitted in original. Copies will only be accepted if they are reproductions of pages from a notebook of which the original must be submitted and in this case these copies must be of the same size and paper type as the original notebook.

In PARTICULAR AND JUSTIFIED cases only copies will be accepted, at the sole discretion of the MIV commission.
Please note that originals and copies will be on public display so it is important that copies are of EXCELLENT QUALITY.
Copies of manifestly poor quality will not be admitted to the exhibition.
Original material will be returned to the author at the end of the exhibition while copies will remain as a document in the Matite in Viaggio archive available for any other initiatives and will not be returned to the author.


Applications must be sent online, NO LATER THAN MAY 31 2023 to: matiteinviaggio2023@gmail.com
applications sent to different addresses will not be accepted.
Applications must contain the following documents:

  • - application form, signed and completed in full (see point 13)
  • - acquittance form signed by the author (see point 13)
  • - FAuthor's photograph, age, place of birth, place of residence, work activity. Email address, address of own website or web page.
  • - BRIEF presentation of the notebook(s) to be exhibited
  • - No. 8 drawings for the general theme under point 1 and/or no. 6 drawings for each special section under point 2

The presentation of the notebook proposed by the author will be included in the catalogue together with the photo and personal data.
The MIV Organisation reserves the right to reduce or correct any incorrect or non-compliant text.
The general theme drawings must illustrate the course of the journey.
Single, completely disjointed drawings MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED at the sole discretion of the M.I.V. commission.
Exceptions to this rule are naturalistic drawings of plants and/or animals, which must be annotated and described.
All images must be sent in jpg format with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.
The drawings submitted for the application must be among those that the Author will send for the exhibition.
Drawings already exhibited in previous editions will not be accepted.


The material received will be evaluated by a Commission that will decide which Authors will be admitted to the exhibition.
The Commission's decisions are final and unquestionable and participants accept them by submitting the application form.
From the documentation delivered, the Commission will choose the imagine for the 2023 exhibition poster.
The file of the chosen design shall be returned by the Author, in high resolution, to the Association's EMail address: matiteinviaggio2023@gmail.com, by the deadline that will be communicated.
This image shall also be used for communication: posters, playbills, flyers, catalogue, etc.. The chosen image may be adapted to the various formats of the medium and to complement the posters, playbills and flyers and other popular material.
The following may be combined with the image: lettering, dates, logos and anything else that serves to complete the communication linked to the 2023 exhibition.
All the above uses shall be covered by the "Acquittance form" signed by the Author, as per point 13.


The names of the selected authors will be published on www.matiteinviaggio.it and on the FB page www.facebook.com/matiteinviaggio by 30.06.2023
The material for the exhibition must be sent NO LATER THAN FRIDAY 8TH SEPTEMBER to the PRESIDIO of the Centro Culturale Candiani: P.le Candiani n.7 - 30174 Venezia-Mestre, Italy, tel. 041 2386125 (opening hours Tues./Fri. 9÷18).
Drawings in sheets and/or carnets sent by post must be UNFRAMED. Framed drawings must be delivered directly to the Presidio Candiani by the respective authors who will also be responsible for collecting them at the end of the exhibition.
Shipping costs and any insurance for the works will be the responsibility of the individual participants.


The setting up and organisation of the exhibition is the responsibility of Matite in Viaggio.
Drawings for the General Theme will be displayed on 100x70 vertical panels (open frames). Drawings for the Special Sections will be exhibited on 70x50 horizontal panels (open frames) (or on 100x70 vertical panels at the sole discretion of the commission).
Notebooks and/or single sheets may be placed on horizontal showcases, with a maximum space per author of 70x70 cm.
The already framed delivered drawings, shall be on vertical panels h=100xb=70 cm or horizontal panels h=50xb=70.
The layout of the works exhibited will be defined by the MIV Organisation according to the subject matter and available area.


The sale of published or self-published books of the selected authors, will be entrusted to the "Mondadori" bookshop (located on the ground floor of the C. C. Candiani), which will apply a withholding of 20% on the indicated price. The delivery of book copies and the collection of returns, shall be the responsibility of the author in direct relationship with the bookshop.
Further details will be communicated together with the letter of admission to the exhibition.


Each exhibitor grants Matite in Viaggio the rights to reproduce the works and texts released for the purposes of the catalogue, the archive of entries and the publicity of the works on the Matite in Viaggio website and other forms of communication and activities of the organisation.


Each Author expressly authorizes Matite in Viaggio, to process personal data transmitted also for including them in databases managed by the Association Matite in Viaggio. Participation in the event implies knowledge and full acceptance of these regulations.


The Associazione Culturale Matite in Viaggio, while ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works received, declines all liability for any theft, fire, loss or damage of any kind, to works or persons, that may occur during all phases of the event: from the custody of the works received to the exhibition.
For any information please write to: info@matiteinviaggio.it
or call:


To download the forms to be filled in to exhibit at Matite in Viaggio click on the respective links below.