The Candiani cultural centre – Venezia-Mestre – and the “Matite in viaggio” cultural Association organizes the 12th edition of the exhibition “MATITE IN VIAGGIO – CARNETS, DISEGNI, PAROLE”. The exhibition aims to promote the culture of journey and the art of recording its experience, by drawings and words.
Article 3 of the Association statute: “Visiting countries and places, meeting people and communities, understanding ancient and contemporary civilizations are the conditions under which “travel sketchbooks” can express the will and dream to identify with the freedom and dignity of all men".
The exhibition takes place at The Candiani Cultural Centre in Venezia-Mestre.
It opens on Friday Oct 21st at 16.00 and closes on Sunday Nov 6th at 19.30.

Award ceremony: Saturday 22 October at 16.00, at the Auditorium hall (IV floor).

Exhibition hours:
OCTOBER 21st (Friday) from16.00 to 19.30
22nd (Saturday), 23rd (Sunday): from 10.00 to13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.30
27th (Thursday), 28th (Friday): from 16.00 to 19.30
29th (Saturday), 30 (Sunday) from 10 to 13; from 16.00 to 19.30
NOVEMBER: 3rd (Thursday), 4th (Friday) from 16.00 to 19.30
5th (Saturday), 6th (Sunday) from10.00 to 13.00 and from 16.00 to 19.30


In continuity with previous editions, the general-theme section is dedicated to the notebooks that narrate the journey, through drawings and words. Naturalistic drawings of animals and/or plants are considered part of the General Theme.
Each author selected by the MIV committee participates with works in complete freedom of style and technique.


2-A) LA CIVILTA’ DEL VINO: THE CIVILIZATION OF WINE- The different aspects of a millenary culture in Italy, in Europe, in the world. YEAR N°3.
In the last year dedicated to this theme, is required a special look at the places where wine is tasted and appreciated, wineries, taverns, bars, moments of intense social life and meetings of people.
2-B) VILLAGES : Tell with drawings and words about their distinctive landscaped, morphological, historical-cultural and social characteristics (landscapes, historical and cultural presences, with a special look to their inhabitants with their activities, the places of their sociability, their traditions, their legends).


The participation is free and open to adult authors of any nationality, selected among those who applied according to the following instructions. The authors can apply for participating to the general theme section (point 1), or to the two special sections (2A+2B) or to the general theme section and only one of the special sections (1 + 2A or 2B).


Each selected author should display his/her works: carnets, drawings and words, narrating itineraries done while visiting far and near places, meeting peoples.
Drawings must be presented in original.
Copies are accepted only if they are reproductions of pages of a notebook. In that case, the original notebook must be presented, and the copies must have the same size and similar type of paper as the originals.

In VERY SPECIAL AND JUSTIFIED cases, only copies will be accepted, at the unquestionable discretion of the MIV organisation.
In order to be displayed to the public, it is important that copies are of EXCELLENT QUALITY.
Poor quality copies will not be admitted to the exhibition.
The original material will be sent back to the author at the end of the exhibition. The copies will remain as a document in the Matite in Viaggio archive. They will be available for any other initiatives and will not be sent back to the Author.


Applications must arrive by email within May 31st 2022 to the email address: matiteinviaggio2022@gmail.com
by sending the following documents.

  • - application form, signed and filled in all parts (see point 13)
  • - acquittance form signed by the author (see point 13)
  • - Photograph, age, place of birth, place of residence, activity of the author. Email address, web site or web page.
  • - VERY SHORT presentation of the notebook(s)/drawings to be exhibited
  • - n°8 drawings about the general theme (point 1) and n°6 drawings for each special section (point 2A, 2B) in case of application for the sections

The presentation of the notebook sent by the author will take place in the catalogue together with the photo and personal data. the MIV organization reserves the right to reduce or correct any incorrect texts or texts that do not comply with the requirements.
Drawings about the general theme must illustrate one or more journeys.
Separated drawings without any connection could be rejected.
Naturalistic drawings of plants and/or animals are exceptions and must include annotations and descriptions of the drawings.
All pictures must be emailed in JPG format with at least 300 dpi resolution.
Pictures emailed with the application, have to be included among the ones the author will send for the exhibition.
Works that have been already exposed in previous editions of “Matite In Viaggio” won’t be accepted.


The received material will be evaluated by a commission that will select the authors admitted to the exhibition.
The committee judgement is irrevocable and unquestionable and the participants accept it by submitting the application.
From the pictures submitted, the Commission will choose the image for the poster of the 2022 exhibition.
The file of the chosen picture has to be mailed again from the Author, in high definition to the email address: matiteinviaggio2022@gmail.com.
The picture will be used for the communication too: posters, flyers, Catalogue etc. for the exhibition MIV 2022. It may be necessary to adapt the selected picture to the different requested forms and dimensions. Texts, dates and any other information connected with the event, could be put beside the image itself.
All the above uses are covered by the acquittance subscribed (see the form n°13).
Tutte le sopra indicate utilizzazioni risultano coperte dalla "Liberatoria" controfirmata dall'Autore, di cui al punto 13.


The names of the selected authors will be published on the website www.matiteinviaggio.it
and on the FB page www.facebook.com/matiteinviaggio in data 30.06.2022
The materials for the Exhibition must arrive within Friday Sept.9th 2022 to the following address: PRESIDIO Centro Candiani, piazzale Candiani n°7, 30174 Venezia-Mestre ITALIA. Tel +39 041 2386125 (Hours mon/fri 9am-6pm).
Any drawings or notebooks sent by mail, have to be sent without frame. Framed works can only be directly brought by the owners who are in charge of taking them back at the end of the exhibition.
Expedition charges and eventual assurance will be covered by the participants.


The setting up and the organization of the exhibition are made by “Matite In Viaggio”.
The exhibition spaces for each author could be on the wall, or in closed showcases. The drawings of the General Theme will be displayed on 100x70 vertical panels (open frames). The drawings for the Special Sections will be placed on 70x50 horizontal panels (open frames) or on 100x70 vertical panels at the discretion of the MIV Organization.
Notebooks and/or single sheets can be placed on closed horizontal showcases, with a maximum space per author of 70x70 cm. The unframed drawings will be displayed in h100x70cm panels provided and fitted by the MIV organization (or eventually h50x70 in the special sections).
The already framed delivered drawings, must be on panels h = 100 x b = 70 cm or h = 50 x b = 70. The arrangement of the works will be defined by the organization according to their quantity and the available area.


The sale of edited or self-published books of selected authors will be entrusted to the bookshop “Mondadori” (located on the ground floor of C.C. Candiani). It will apply a withholding of 20% on the indicated price. The delivery of the books and the withdrawal of the returned ones, will personally cured by the authors in direct deal with the Mondadori bookshop.
Further details will be communicated with the admission letter.


Each author allows “Matite In Viaggio” the reproduction and publishing rights of the images and the texts sent for the catalogue, the association archive, and any other communication connected with the exhibition organization.


Each author expressively authorizes to process personal data transmitted also for including them in the database of the association. The participation in the event implies the knowledge and full acceptance of these rules.


While ensuring the utmost care and custody of the works, the Organization disclaims any responsibility for any theft, fire, loss or damage of any kind, which may occur during all phases of the exhibition.
For any information write to: info@matiteinviaggio.it
oppure telefonare a:


To download the forms to fill out to expose at "Matite in Viaggio" click on the respective links below.